It has been selected as the most admirable and preferred brand of 2014 school uniforms by Association of Protecting Al Consumers (TTKD). Natura School Uniforms follows the principles of customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork and professional management. It has the trust of education sector for school uniforms.

As we have started to provide services in the sector, we have also made plans about the possible needs of the institutions of which we are solution partners and our service network was planned as 3 stages. The first one of these services is "Design". Our company has very unique textile products due to the special creations every season. Second one of service area is "Production". Modern and unique designs are combined with innovative solutions at the production phase and turn into great products. Finally, "Presentation and Sale" of the produced products is the service area of Natura Stores.

It provides services to leading schools such as Doga College with its 78.000 students, Mektebim Schools, Muradiye Schools, Kultur Schools, Sanko Schools, Gaziantep College Foundation Schools and Avrupa Colleges. As for the production center, it has a single building in Istanbul on an area of 3000 square meter with 80 weaving and material track and a professional staff consisting of 150 people; and it provides solution partnership to the schools.