- We use cotton-weighted products and offer a healthy future for our students.

- All of our products are tested by International Laboratories (UL-VS Laboratory Services INC.)

- The printing paint we use and the paints of products are refined from nitrogen and they are reactive (organic) paint. Also the Oeko-Tex documents are available for the Fabric, Embroidery and Accessories we use and they do not contain any Carcinogenic materials.

The Technical Specifications of Our Products:

Our Products- Product Specifications and Certificates- HybridNano Technology

It is the coating technology that does not absorb the water and other types of liquids applied on textile products

but providing absorption in the internal surface. The absorption and softness at the internal surface provides comfortability for the user.

Our Products- Product Specifications and Certificates- TermocoolFresh

It is produced with slotted fiber technology and its ingredient is silver fiber. Thermo part of it reacts when the

temperature outside is low, and it keeps the body temperature inside, closing the slots.

Cool part rapidly throws the fluid generated by body sweat and makes it dry

due to its poliester structure. So, the body is protected from the impacts of sweating. The silver ions within it have antibacterial features

and they keep cool during the summer, and warm during winter. It prevents the generation of bacteria, and unwanted odor; this is the Fresh feature.

Our Products- Product Specifications and Certificates- Organic


Organic products are 100 % cotton, no carcinogenic material, refined from nitrogen and painted by organic paint; and they can breath.